October highlights…

Grandpa and Grandma came up for conference.  We even got up to Salt Lake to visit grandma and grandpa B.


Peter had a birthday!  The big 7!  The thing I like about 7 year old Peter is how funny he is. He cracks some pretty good jokes.  We celebrated with a party right on his birthday.  We had some of his good buddies join us to see the Lego Ninjago movie at the Scera.  We were the only people in the theater! Quite a fun birthday.





I got to eat lunch with Peter after I volunteered in his classroom.  This doesn’t happen very often so I was glad I could do it!


The amazing Heather took our yearly family pictures and they turned out amazing.



For fall break we went with some of our Farmington neighbors to St. George.  It was beautiful!





School pictures! This is actually not Peter’s real pictures.  We made him get retakes but I can’t find that photo.



Peter went to running club all semester and had a one mile race at the end.  He did great! We were so proud of him.  He ran the whole way and had a great attitude.


We carved pumpkins.  Brenden was nice enough to do all the scooping for us.


We went with the Colemans and Halls on a haunted bike tour in Provo.  It was really fun!  It was a Halloween ride and whoever won the costume contest won a bike.  Brenden won!  Since I made his costume, he gave me the bike.



Of course the best part of October is Halloween.  Peter was Link from Zelda and Emmie was Medusa.  I loved making their costumes this year.





Brenden and I were a lawn flamingo and a lawn gnome.


And we couldn’t leave out neighborhood friends on the big night!


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