August highlights…

We finally had a lemonade stand.

We hit the pool one last time.

Evening mom hike! We are making this a summer tradition.

Look away if you are squeamish. Peter bit his tongue while playing tag.  We were lucky our bishop is an oral surgeon.  You can’t even tell he had stitches!

Brenden scored some amazing free tickets to see Bela Fleck.  He was amazing.

Girls night out for back to school shopping and dinner with Macey and Kelsey.

The Coleman’s invited us to their cabin in Lamb’s Canyon.  It was a blast.

1st day of school!

OK just kidding, we did go to the pool one more time- this time we went to the Lindon pool.

2nd Annual Bear Lake camping trip with Paul, Kelsey, Holly, and the kids.

Brenden took the kids to upper Provo falls.

The lakes district of the Uinta’s.

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