We had a pretty busy month of June.  Looking back it is almost a blur but we sure had fun!  Here are the highlights.

The week after school ended we started swimming lessons.  The kids did great and loved having the Navasards in their class again! We even kept the snow cone on the last day tradition alive.  Kelsey and I are such good moms.



Orem city Summerfest. I love living in Orem. Summerfest is always a highlight.




I love the Orem city parade.  We recruited more friends to our sweet spot. They were handing out fat boys.  Does life get any better?



There was a lot of keeping the animals in their cage, I mean letting the kids jump on the tramp with the sprinkler on.


Peter had his first official sleepover and then another sleepover a couple days later.


The neighbors had a pie eating contest and let us in on the fun.  Peter fulfilled his life-long dream of getting a pie thrown in his face.



Elyse and I took the kids to a new splash pad. It was awesome but really really windy. We were sitting so far away from the water but had a continual mist thanks to the wind.




We replaced the kitchen back splash! Hooray for a non-shiny tiles.



Our ward had the most amazing elders quorum party.  The kids were in heaven.



We went to the pond numerous times and even bought a kid kayak.


I continue to love the kids in our neighborhood.  Where we live is a combination between Parks and Rec and the Sandlot. The kids wanted to make brownies (by scratch) so I said go for it!  They did it all themselves and they turned out excellent.


Brenden had a conference in Vancouver so my parents came to watch the kids while he was gone and while I took my Kodaly training.  I don’t have any pictures of the training.  I didn’t feel the need to document being in class for 8.5 hours a day.




My parents had fun with the kids and took them all over town on fun outings.  My mom and I even matched one day.



Brenden and I got our 13 year anniversary photo done.


Once everyone was back we packed up and headed for the cabin.  The weather was great and  2nd and 3rd cousins were there to play with. We had a great time.







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