May went by like a whirlwind.  Here is what we were up to…

Emmie had her dance recital at the Scera.  I loved this dance class!  It was low stress and the recital was adorable.  Each class took on a different decade to dance to.  Emmie’s class had the 20’s and the 90’s.  Seeing them dance hip hop to the Teenage Mutant Ninja turtle rap was the highlight of the show. Macey, Emilia and Emmie C. were in the class together.  She sure does love these girls!




Brenden and Peter went on the fathers and sons camp out up Hobble creek.  They loved it.


I took Emmie over to the Coleman’s for a movie and mud masks.


Paul and Kelsey came with us to see Me First and the Gimmie Gimmies.  It was such a fun show!  I’m surprised we didn’t get taken out by the ridiculous mosh pit.



We hosted the ward walk about.  We served nachos. Doesn’t it look so appetizing?


During the last week of school the kids had crazy hat/hair day.  I love these neighbors so much!  I had to put this picture in and give a shout out to Heather for her amazing teasing skills.  I’ve never seen Abby look so wind blown.


I was able to go on a field trip with Emmie to a dance performance at BYU.


It seems like there was only one warm day in May and these kids lived it up.  I wore my coat to school up until the last week.  It was a bummer.


Rachael came up for the Timp 1/2 marathon.  She, Elyse and I ran it together.  I, of course, didn’t take the time to train and did really well up until mile 8-9.  After that I drug myself along.  Brenden met me at mile 11 and I literally cried all the way down the mountain.  It was hard!



I look forward to the Cascade elementary carnival at the end of every year.  This one did not disappoint.  They even had the World’s Best Corndog truck which made me super happy. Don’t judge me and the size of my corn dog.  I had eaten pizza right before this.


We waited in line for an hour for these snow cones. But that view…



At the end of every year the school hosts a dance festival.  It was cute watching Peter and Emmie along with their entire grade do their dance. These girls have been in Emmie’s class since we moved in.  She is lucky!


Last day of school!



The walking group.




Grandma B passed away while Gregg and Rachael were up visiting for the race so the next weekend we drove down for the funeral.  While there, Peter lost his 2nd tooth.  That darn tooth fairy must not have known where he was because she forgot to come until the 2nd night. She left a very nice tiny apology note with some money.


It was good seeing Grandma Clawson at the luncheon.


After the funeral we went out to Grandma’s house and watched old videos.  Grandma was always video taping.  In honor of her, we brought a pinata out.  She always strung up a pinata in her living room for our birthdays.


The Buehner clan.


I gave Emmie my good camera and she went around taking pictures.  Looking back through the pictures there were some really good ones.


After the funeral in Gilbert we all made the trip up to Salt Lake for the burial.  It was great spending so much time with family.  I think grandma was happy.


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