April part 2

Pete and Linda came back from AZ and spent a week with us helping us fix up our laundry room. If you’ve visited our house you probably have felt anxiety using the bathroom.  You never knew if you might be walked in on from the garage.  Pete put up a wall, a pocket door and and a little mudroom and now it is my favorite room in the house. Here are the before during and after pics. Thank you, thank you, thank you Pete!











Pete and Linda were also here for Easter.  It was fun having the Navasards and Tara and Jonathan over for dinner too.





Brenden got some runs in.


I had my last Utah Valley Symphony concert of the season.


The kids have found a new love and appreciation for their stuffed animals and Sasha has too.


Matt and Brenden invented a new instrument out of PVC pipe.


It was crazy hair day and Emmie was a cat.


I got my right eyeball fixed! I can now see correctly out of both eyes.


And Peter is still weird.


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