March highlights…

Peter lost his first tooth!


Two of my favorite college friends (the Brown sisters) came to Provo for their brother’s wedding so we were able to get the families together and go out to breakfast. It was fun catching up!


We had the funniest date night ever with the Navasards.  We rented the ride on animals at the mall and had a very entertaining evening.  I would do this again for sure.



Peter learned to climb the doorway.


Brenden took his office to the wilderness.


We had our first trip to the pond!  It was an early taste of summer.  I can’t wait!


The kids checked out battleship from the library and couldn’t get enough.


I got up to go running about 6am and when I came back I noticed Peter’s light on.  Turns out he was sitting in his closet reading.


And the last is Emmie.  She has been experimenting with make-up. I think she might need a little more practice.


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