Yes. I’m playing catch up.  I haven’t blogged since January.  I understand that was six months ago.  But, who reads this anyway?! Here are February’s highlights.

Peter in Brenden's glasses

Peter does a pretty good Brenden impression.

We got plenty of snow this winter.  The kids were in Heaven!

Emilia peter snowman

Our third child. Mr. Snowman.

I flew down to AZ for Eliza and Lettie’s blessing leaving Brenden and the kids at home.  They were so sad to stay home but it was an easy trip not having to worry about anyone but myself!

Jenna feeding babies

Jenna is a babysitting machine! Who else can feed 2 babies at once?

We of course made a trip to Last Chance.  This time we convinced Lorinda and the girls to come with.  I still don’t think she is sold.

Last chance instagram

Last Chance trip. Of course Carianne’s eyes are closed.

The green truck is the worst.  I locked the car with my bags inside.  Although I had the keys, the keys didn’t work! The locks were broken so we spent the evening with the AAA man.

Locked out of the truck

Apparently you shouldn’t lock the truck. Here we are on our girls night out watching the AAA man try to unlock it.

The cutest babies around.

Eliza and Lettie blessing day 2

Eliza and Lettie on their blessing day.

The evening I arrived in Arizona I found out that my grandpa Buenher had passed away that morning.  Even though it was a sad time, it was nice to have everyone stop what they were doing and gather around grandma.  I’m grateful I could be home during that time.

cabin 199 - walt

Grandpa B 2008

After my trip down south, everyone came up north for grandpa’s burial in Salt Lake.  The weather was sunny and it was good to be together again.

Walt Buenher viewing and graveside service (13)

Proudly wearing grandpa’s bolo ties.

Walt Buenher viewing and graveside service (33)

Mom, Grandma and Annie

Walt Buenher viewing and graveside service (32)

The one and only time my dad will be seen in a bolo.

Face swap gregg

We face swapped a lot. I look good with a beard and Gregg should really grow out his hair.

Provo city center temple

We were all able to attend the Provo City Center Temple open house.

The cousins were at our house for Valentines Day. They got treats from grandma and Brenden and I colored their faces while they slept.  They weren’t too excited about it.

Valentines morning 2

Not happy about the face paint.

All of grandpa’s best friends are 8 years old and younger.

Grandpa reading stories 2

Grandpa and his posse.

Emmie begged us for months to do the ropes course at Provo Beach Resort.  She finally did it!  Both kids did great and loved it.

ropes course 4

Don’t look down.

Kelsey and I decided to take the kids to the zoo for free day.  Emmie left for school and I decided last minute to take her.  I had to call the school 5 minutes after it started and checked her out. I’m sure the school secretaries thought I was crazy but it was totally worth it!

zoo 1

Checking out the seals.

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  1. Carianne says:

    Love this post. Thanks for making the trip to AZ for the twins.

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