The cabin

 We had an excellent time at the cabin this year.  The kids love being outside, playing in the river, and getting as dirty as possible. We checked almost everything off our list.

1. Fishing.

cabin 1cabin 4

2. Shopping. We needed these glasses.

cabin 6

3. Canoeing. I ask Carly to take our picture.  Totally nailed it.

cabin 7

4. Letting the grand kids drive. We even invented a new game called, everyone stand up in the car while the driver slams on the breaks.  It is only slightly less dangerous than the game called, put your kids in a box and let them slide down the stairs. I don’t know what happens when Carianne is around.  She turns me into such a terrible mother.

cabin 8

5.  Putting on a play.  Grandpa is so good to play and imagine with these kids.  This specific play was called, “The Boxcar Children Celebrate Christmas”. Grandpa is always Henry, Kate is Jessie or is it Violet? I can’t remember.  Peter is Benny. Emmie is whichever Kate isn’t.

cabin 9

6. Feeding the fish at Big Springs.  When I was a kid this river was filled to the brim with huge trout.  I don’t think we even saw one!  I did hear from someone that they are all under the bridge and only come out if you feed them craft singles.  We’ll try that next time.

cabin 11

7. Going to the Playmill.  We saw Mary Poppins and loved it. We ate fudge and left very happy.

cabin 13 cabin 14

8. Yellowstone. The kids competed in the “animal Olympics”. They had different stations where they had to see how they compared to what animals could do.  I think this specific station was see how far you can jump compared to a rabbit. Kate won.

cabin 19 cabin 20 cabin 21

9. Ice cream at Old Faithful Lodge.  We went out to play while grandma went in the shops.

cabin 24

10. Getting the Yellowstone junior ranger badge. They upgraded to patches-way cooler than the badge.

cabin 27

11. Experiencing the mud pots. P.U.

cabin 28

Getting blasted by rotten egg steam. cabin 29

12. Campfire/Smores/hot dog roast

cabin 32

13. Fireworks. We had just celebrated the 24th of July and bought some fireworks before we came up.  Come to find out, lighting them off was illegal.  Don’t worry, we didn’t start any forest fires.

cabin 35 cabin 36

14. River float. Not as big as the floats in the past but just as fun… and cold.

cabin 39 cabin 40

15. Rock painting. Every year we add a rock to the rock garden.

cabin 47

16. Face painting. This was new this year.  Grandma has been practicing her face painting skills.

cabin 48

17.  Getting on the river.  There is nothing more peaceful, unless you have 3 other kids in the canoe with you complaining and worrying about tipping over.

cabin 52We loved it all and can’t wait to go back!

2 thoughts on “The cabin”

  1. Heather Blake says:

    That one jam packed week of fun! I love it times a million.

  2. Jody says:

    Oh, the joy. Sweet memories. Thank you for sharing the love!

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