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September flew by.  Here are the highlights… Peter and Emmie started soccer! I met Rachael in Chicago and we had an awesome weekend with her sister Beka. We saw all the sights and ate delicious food for every meal. My favorite thing was the art


August highlights… We finally had a lemonade stand. We hit the pool one last time. Evening mom hike! We are making this a summer tradition. Look away if you are squeamish. Peter bit his tongue while playing tag.  We were lucky our bishop is an

Road trip

Summer road trip to Washington! 1st stop: Columbia River Gorge 2nd stop:  Bonneville lock and dam and fish hatchery 3rd stop:  Mount St. Helens 4th stop: Bellingham, WA 5th stop: Deception pass


We had a pretty busy month of June.  Looking back it is almost a blur but we sure had fun!  Here are the highlights. The week after school ended we started swimming lessons.  The kids did great and loved having the Navasards in their class

Emilia turns 9!

Emmie turned nine.  I can’t even believe it!  My parents, Brenden and I got stuff to redecorate Emmie’s room in a Harry Potter theme for her birthday.  The night before we talked the kids into sleeping in the basement so we could redo her room


May went by like a whirlwind.  Here is what we were up to… Emmie had her dance recital at the Scera.  I loved this dance class!  It was low stress and the recital was adorable.  Each class took on a different decade to dance to. 

April part 2

Pete and Linda came back from AZ and spent a week with us helping us fix up our laundry room. If you’ve visited our house you probably have felt anxiety using the bathroom.  You never knew if you might be walked in on from the

April part 1

At the beginning of April the the kids and I took a road trip to AZ for spring break.  We got to ride in our new car which made the trip so nice! First on the agenda was shopping for some birthday gifts.  Kate and


March highlights… Peter lost his first tooth! Two of my favorite college friends (the Brown sisters) came to Provo for their brother’s wedding so we were able to get the families together and go out to breakfast. It was fun catching up! We had the


February highlights: Emmie accidentally hit Peter in between the eyes with a shovel.  A little back story: Brenden helped the kids make a huge snow cave in our front yard.  Brenden was throwing snowballs and Emmie, who had the shovel, went to block and poor